Graphic Design Resources

Studios and CCA Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building

The Fine Arts Building is located at the edge of the USU campus. You can jog across the street to get some Aggie Icecream, hop in your car and take a two minute drive into the canyon, or spend some time in the studios gazing at beautiful Cache Valley.

Junior Studio

With a creative agency feel and a killer view, this studio is built to help you collaborate with peers as well as work in a personal space.

Senior Studio

With walls painted with posters top to bottom, this studio will be your home away from home including a personal studio, refrigerator, and microwave.

Design Lab

UR Graphics Lab

Home to 72 iMacs and all the software you need. This lab is the ultimate setup with fast computers, scanners, and printers– all just a two minute walk from your studio.

Multimedia Center

Double screens, Wacom tablets, and less people. This collaborative space allows projects to go beyond print.

Printing in Logan


AlphaGraphics in Logan is your source for full-service printing, marketing, mailing, and signs services. Located in North Logan, AlphaGraphics is easily accessed by students.

Square One

Square One is a very reliable printing location that has been around for years. Many professors recommend Square One for student projects.

USU Resources

USU delivers high quality prints that are convenient and wallet—friendly for students. Students can visit PDP, the Engineering lab and the TSC Copy Center for smaller print projects and proofs.


Watkins Printing has been in the printing business for over 60 years in Cache Valley, Utah. Located in Logan, Utah, they provide a complete state-of-the-art printing experience.

Special Collections

USU Library

The materials housed by the Special Collections & Archives have been collected for the benefit of the public and are available for use by researchers. Graphic designers can go to the Art Book section for a great collection of books on American Modernism and Abstract Expressionism.

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